Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things - The Joseph Edition

Inspired by my dear friend Jenny, over at Mama Needs Coffee.  (This is a few months old and I am FINALLY posting it!)

An ode to my eldest.  May I never forget these precious days with you.

1. Every morning when I come into your room, the first words out of your mouth are, "Fwee bears?", by which you mean, you would like three gummy bear vitamins.  You know you only get two.  But you ask for three with a smile, like it's your little joke. Every. Day.  It is adorable.  Lately, your little expanding vocabulary has allowed you to ask for "many bears".

2. You are learning to share with little Michael.  Usually you get upset if he tries to take your toys, but lately, you have been going to find a toy to give him instead.  You say, "Here go, Moose."  You are a sweet big brother and you love to play with your little brother.  It warms my heart.

3. You LOVE sprinkles.  Ever since your birthday you have asked me for sprinkles with every meal.  You say, "Mommy, I have spwinkles and lollipops?"  And since St. Nicholas Day, you have asked for "sprinkles and candy canes".  When I tell you, "Not right now", you ask why, and I tell you "It's too early" and you say "Ohhhhh" like you totally understand my reason.  Then it's on to the next thing!

4. One of your favorite movies (besides Cars2, The Priesthood Today, and Finding Nemo) is Cinderella.  Your favorite part is when Lucifer the cat is trying to catch the mice.  You always yell, "Kieeeee!  Kie!!!!" to warn the mice that the kitty is coming.

5. Your first decipherable drawing was of nothing other than a cross.  There are crosses on every available sheet of paper that is lying around.  And probably some non-paper surfaces, too.  I could have guessed that would be your first drawing. :)

You even snuck a few into Auntie Kenzie's notepad when we were in Iowa...

6. Your favorite pastime is pretending to be a priest.  You take it so seriously!  Your vestments have to be just so, you set the coffee table like an altar, complete with a crucifix, candles, chalices, "hosts" (wooden nickels), and you even use your little makeshift thurible to incense the altar.  You have even started asking for paper towels to use for the various altar linens.  I will be very curious to see how your vocation unfolds through the years! (For the record, I made that costume out of a very large red shirt, a pillow case, and some hot glue.  It took 15 minutes.  I don't even remember how to thread my sewing machine!)

7. You are starting to sing with clarity and pitch accuracy that is seriously impressive!  I can hear you singing after we put you down for bed.  Lately, it's been a little ditty that goes like this, "Thank you, dear Jesus, is all I can say, Jesus I love you more everyday."  And if you don't know the lyrics to any given song, you just replace them with "alleluia".  Probably better that way, anyhow!

8. You love helping me bake!  It is fun now that you actually understand the concepts of "put it in this bowl" or "be careful - it can spill!"  Your favorite part is cracking eggs.  You always say, "Mama, I break egg?  Okay!"

I love you, Joseph Ian - you are an incredible gift of God and I pray that I will treasure each day with you.