Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Highlights from Letters A & B

A little behind here in posting about is a sampling of some things we worked on for Letter A Week and Letter B Week.  

St. Augustine was our saint of the week.  That's him over there on the right with the head...and the ten limbs...

 We ventured into the world of fingerpaints for this one...A for apple tree...and we also were focusing on triangles.  Needless to say this one was a big hit.

Our virtue of the week. 

My favorite snack of the week...Apple tree...pretzels, apples, and peanut butter.  So fun to make!

Letter B Week

Our fun snack of the week was this bumblebee...toast, nutella, bananas, pretzels and craisins.  

Joseph has been working hard on his scissor skills, since I haven't honestly let him go near a pair until we started school a month ago.  He had a little trouble at first with his hand placement...

But he got the hang of it after I drew a red dot on the top of his thumb knuckle and told him he had to be able to see the dot at all times.  I told him, "Tell your thumb, 'Stay up, thumb!'" and he thought it was fun to tell his thumb what to do.  Whatever works, right?

The aftermath.  I know, to you it's just a pile of scraps.  But that was 30 minutes worth of solid concentration...

St. Bernard of Clairvaux was our saint this week.  I thought it might be better to make paper dolls.  Joseph has an affinity (as I'm sure most kids do) for googly eyes, and he enjoyed gluing the habit on.

Michael gets to join in on some activities when he's awake from his nap.  They are about to venture outside for a bug hunt.

And who can pass up a game of baseball on Letter B Week?

I just had to capture this moment...Michael's technique is so funny.  He winds up....

And stops an inch short of the ball to make sure he actually hits it...and dink!

 So proud of himself! 

And last but not least, we discussed the difference between "bugs" and spiders...but Joseph has been really into both lately.  So we made a tarantula and a bug and compared the parts of the body and number of legs.  Unfortunately the bug got eaten before I could snap a picture.  But Joseph knows that bugs have a head, a thorax (or a "for-axe" as he calls it), and an abdomen.  It is so cute to hear him pronounce big words. 

 Plenty more to come in the following weeks!

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