Friday, October 11, 2013

Museum Field Trip

A couple weeks back, we were able to take a trip to the museum with my friend Marie and her daughters.  The boys had a great time exploring. 

Michael was mesmerized by this piano that had a clear glass front.  He liked watching the action on the hammers as he pressed down the keys. 

Fun animal tails to wear!

Joseph was fascinated by these insects preserved in glass cases.  He was really enamored with the magnifying glasses and microscopes, too.  His favorite creepy-crawly was the scorpion.  He kept saying, "Look Mommy, that scorpion has a poky tail!". 

Joseph is so fascinated by insects and spiders.  He probably sat here for 30 minutes watching the cockroaches just crawl around. 

More fun gadgets...

I treasure these days with the boys at home...I hope they will always be filled with wonder at the world around them and always love to discover new things.  I am grateful for the gift to be able to watch them discover things for the first time.  I know these days will too soon be behind us.  I hope I never look back on this time with young children and regret not embracing all that comes with this stage of life.  It is such a gift.

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