Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Michael's Top Ten

I have been meaning to do this post since the "Ode to Joseph" and am finally getting to it!

Michael, you are almost two years old.  Here are some of my favorite things about you at this age.  I might die of your cuteness.

1. You are one of the best helpers!  Every time Daddy is outside doing yard chores, you are right there alongside him to help.  You even use the correct tools.  You are such a little man!

2. You love to play with your big brother.  You imitate him constantly.  You have even taken to playing Mass with him, and are perfectly content to be "Father Joseph's" altar server.

3. You are so generous at such a young age.  You are almost always willing to share whatever you have - food, toys, books...it makes me realize how much more I can do to be generous to those around me.

4. You make the most wonderfully expressive faces and pouty lips.  They are adorable.  I hope to capture them on film soon!

5. You are fascinated by lawnmowers like nothing else.  Anytime you hear or see one, we have to stop everything to go look at it. You call them "mow-mowers."

6.  You are kind of fearless...it scares Mommy sometimes but you are not afraid to try anything.

7.  You are so affectionate, it just melts my heart.  You will run up to me and give me a kiss for no reason at all.  I love it.

8. You're pretty tough for your age.  Even after some pretty big falls, you run to me or Daddy for a hug and kiss, and then you're right back at it.

9. Your communication skills are pretty cute right now - if I can't understand your words, you act it out.  It is so funny sometimes.

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  1. Mikey beans! You are too cute for words. Auntie loves you.